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Welcome to our generaly representative website CB37 - webside for DX




Welcome to our generaly representative website CB37. CB is an abbreaviation of Citizen Band. My name is Fero/OK9MUC. 37 is our channel 27, 375 MHz FM 4W reserved for universal common discussions in the QTH Český Těšín region, Třinec region, (LOK: JN 99 HR, and JN 99 IQ), Beskydy expedition (QTH univ: Jablunkov, JN 99 JO). Secundary function of this page are radioamateurs´ expeditions Beskydy Uniwersal 2006, 2007 of OK 9 PAR and OK9MUC, the autor of this web. 145. 475 - 145. 55O MHz. Tetriary function is a Podbeskydské Kolečko. The website serves as a virtual ofice for QSL from all over the country. In case of questions please visit FAQ section. This page created by Fero Těšín, OK 9 MUC. Enyoy the communication with OK9MUC, OK9PAR.

Information Netherlandish - Meteostation Natuugewel, welcome friend from Netherlandish - Meteostation Natuugewel. Your website is: www.cable4u.nl/~breun-b4/. We have relation - broadcast today!!! I heard you today 24.5:07 on the radio BAND: 27,375 MHz., modulation FM, R: 3, S: 6, QTR 1:OO to 1:30, my locator is JN 99 HR, ANT: 1/2 L, PWR 3W. You can send your QSL and notations in our QSL section!!! Thanks!! You have a good meteostation in Netherlandish, congratulations! The problem in relation was only one. You were speaking a more quickly this night! Enyoy the communication with you!!!! Fero and Peter Czech Republic DIV: 329. Time now is 2:00 am.

Please send QSL:
Welcome to our generaly representative canal 37,
welcome friends from all over the word

Your name is: __________
Your website is: ____
Your city and DIV______ ______

We have relation date: ___________ and UTC: _________________

radio BAND: _____
modulation _____
R: _, S: _
QTR ____ to _____
your locator _______
ANT: ____
PWR ____
You can send your QSL and notations in thes section
section!!! Thanks!!



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ON4XM - Alexabder from Belgium

24. 5. 2007 13:09

My division//copy, Thanks communications with us!! roger. I cant´t believe my eyes. Is it really you, Fero? I have got an appointment with you and I met Peter too! I´m pleased to meet you, Fero. Thanks. All the best. Bye. My notations are: date: 22.5.07 BAND 27, 405 MHz, MOD: FM, 59, ANT: 5/8, PWR 20 W

I´m pleased to meet you, Fero. Thanks. All the best. Bye.